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Scaler 2 doesn’t work

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asked Jul 28 in Studio One 5 by (120 points)
Why won’t Scaler, and now Scaler 2 simply just WORK In Studio one 4 and now Studio one 5? It works fine in LPX but I go to use it in Studio one 5 thinking maybe Presonus FINALLY got around to resolving the issue that so many others have been asking for years since Studio one 3 from what I see... The chords just WONT PLAY! I can click them with my mouse and it plays the scaler sound but I want it to control my plugin instrument like every other DAW in existence... Why is this so difficult to simply fix? Chorder works but I don’t have a single good thing so say about chorder... I can play the keys myself if I want basic chords and melody... A lot of us want Scaler 2 because all the features adds to the speed of production with chord detection if sampling and several alternative chord arrangements within the plugin to test different variations and chord suggestions when having writers block... I need to hear it work in real-time because I still play it like an instrument as in needing to hear the groove and melodic structure as I play along to the other tracks! I like the harmonic chords for playing along with vocals... See, Scaler 2 is legitimate and respectable tool and Not being able to use it ST1 just ruins the entire experience for me!

I really spent 4 hours trying to mess around with all kinds of preferences to see if that works but I havnt even dug into my Sphere subscription which I am so excited about since trying to get a plugin to work properly!

Can someone please tell me if I’m wasting my time? Or if there is a way?

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answered Jul 29 by saschakrause (140 points)
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Scaler 2 working as expected here in Studio One v5.
I'm suggesting you're on a Mac (LPX)? I'm on Windows but that shouldn't make any difference.

Here's a screenshot of how I set it up:

And here's a .gif where you can see Scaler is triggering a synth (ANA2):

Hope that helps.