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Scaler 2.4 midi mapping not seeing ATOM SQ

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asked Jun 8, 2021 in Atom Pad Controllers by tonyrapa (1,070 points)
Hi Guys!

I have an ATOM SQ and I also have Scaler (2.4). Since Scaler 2.4, it's possible to midi map certain things in Scaler with a knob, fader or button on a Midi Controller. In the video where this is demonstrated, the guy is using a NI Komplete Kontrol s61 I believe. Basically, you right click on the thing you want to midi map in Scaler. then you move the knob/slider/button on the midi controller and voila - it's midi mapped. However, when I do this with the ATOM SQ, Scaler doesn't seem to recognise when I press a button on the ATOM SQ. I don't know if this is an issue with Scaler or the ATOM SQ. Any advice would be very welcome.


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