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Stuido 26c, playback being captured while recording

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asked Jan 31, 2020 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by pavelsh (120 points)
edited Jan 31, 2020 by pavelsh
I'm recording guitar through the studio 26c, using  amplitube, bias, etc. Noticed a problem, when using high gain amp-simulations. I record guitar audio track, then it gets amped with the amp-sim VST, and I can hear the playback (click, drums, whatever) on this newly recorded track. Getting the gain knob of the interface up worsens the problem.
So my questions are: 1. Am I doing something wrong? 2. Is this a common hardware flaw of this audiointerface? 3. Or is it a defect of my particular unit?
Loopback recording is off.
DAW is not the cause - tried both S1 and Cubase.
Win7 x64

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