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Audio Effects Rack

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asked Aug 4, 2020 in Mixing by lorrismusic (810 points)

Hi, i know in S1 we can already make effects racks but it's limited to one preset at a time, it would be cool to be able to "group" the effects in a "container" that would allow to put more than one preset in a chain.

here an example in Ableton of this feature:

the audio signal goes from left to right here

so we have our instrument wich is kontakt

then we have a "container" called audio effect rack

this container contain two other container wich are "dry" and "wet", it's does the same as the Splitter in S1

so the more important thing is that in the wet chain we have a compressor,delay and EQ

we can save this whole container as a presset and then re-use it when we need, we can also put more of these in a chain

So maybe this feature already exist? but if not it would be epic to have it in S1

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