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Clip Groups

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asked Apr 24 in Editing by saschabudimski (270 points)
I'm a Pro Tools, Adobe Audition and FL Studio user and have been gradually moving my edit and mixing work over to Studio One (and I'm loving it!) but one feature I'm really missing from my other DAWs is the ability to group clips together (separate from grouping *tracks* together). This feature can be seen here (for Audition) in this video:

I would love to see this in Studio One, as I do a lot of heavy edit, revision and alt version etc work. I know there's methods similar to this feature in S1, but honestly I find them inefficient and irritating in my workflow. Please consider this feature in a future update. =)

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answered Apr 25 by tommyfinke (2,160 points)
Great idea! Can totally see how I would use this!