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storing and retrieving music from Sphere

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asked Aug 5, 2020 in Studio One+ by joeypinter-bilek (1,050 points)
hi everyone, out of all the things that Sphere can do i'm primarily interested in uploading/storing what i've done on a daily basis. then be able to download all or part of what i've saved. I.E. after listening to something i finished i decided to change something. am i making sense so far?  

does each song have it's own file/folder (i never know which is which) and is there a way to open a song to play the part that i think is better?

if anyone has any idea what the hell i'm talking about i would appreciate any thoughts or direction you can point me to.

ok that's it for now. i've had Sphere only a few days and i'm quite baffled.

thanks so much,

joey pinter

P.S. how do i make adjustments AFTER i recorded something?

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answered Aug 21, 2020 by johnblais2 (2,140 points)
selected Aug 25, 2020 by AlexTinsley
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Right now the way to backup .song files is by zipping them then uploading/downloading manually to Sphere. This might not be the best workaround for you. Rest assured our team is aware and working to improve the functionality.


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answered Aug 29, 2020 by roba4 (320 points)
Is there no way to backup my songs in Sphere? on the cloud server? Backup/Restore doesn't show any songs, just settings and such.