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Faderport 16 seems to miscommunicate with Studio onev4 and channel/slider 6 resets to lower level to fix ?

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asked Aug 7, 2020 in FaderPort 16 by robertclark19 (180 points)
It does not matter the project or instrument assigned to slider/channel 6.....but the setting is self adjusted reset to a lower level ..which is annoying and seems impossible to work with if not fixable ,   I can of course adjust the level back up with the faderport16

slider or screen slide ...but both faderport and screen adjust /reset lower shortly after.  I have faderport sync with screen faders

and faderport seem to reset to rest position when project and or Studio onev4 close. The other sliders channel do not do this reset lower behaviour.

How to fix or reset ?    is midi coming from somewhere else ?

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