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Faderport 16 does not control Waves Omni Channel

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asked Mar 1, 2022 in FaderPort 16 by philip.breidenbach (120 points)

my Faderport 16 does not control the values of the Waves Steps Omni Channel.

Value is Shown on the upper left corner.

When I change values manually with the mouse in the Plugin GUI the Faderes move,

but not the other way around.

Does someone know the problem?

Can anyone help me with this?

All Firmware and Software is up to date.

Everything else working fine.

Thanks and regards,


2 Answers

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answered Jul 28, 2022 by ivanacorkovic (140 points)
having the same problem with all plugins in cubase elements 10, faderes move when changing values with mouse but not other way around...
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answered May 22, 2023 by vincepaul (270 points)
edited May 26, 2023 by vincepaul
You've probably sorted it or given up by now but let me give this possible solution for others who like me had this issue.

In my case, I thought it might be that I was using the AU version of the plugin, and sure enough, when I replaced the plugin with the VST3 version the fader control worked. The AU versions just don't work. So if you are on a Mac, try that first.

Best not to use AU versions, I finally figured out.

Best of Luck.