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Master Fader not getting any channel audio in Studio One 3?

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asked Aug 11, 2020 in Studio One 3 by toddcallahan (120 points)
Started up a new project and song. I am connected via USB to my StudioLive 32R and have Studio One 3 running on my Windows Laptop. All of the input channels are routed correctly, as in I get sound from Channel 12 when I speak into the Channel 12 mic.

However, none of this audio is going to my master in Studio One. It's routed to go to Channel 37+38 by default and when I go into I/O Setup, 37+38 meters are even lighting up, but for whatever reason there is no audio in the mixer for the master? I'm just waiting for it to be something stupid...

Thoughts on this and how I might fix it? Thanks in advance!

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