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Can we please have longer faders in Studioone?

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asked Aug 11, 2020 in Mixing by Elibeatz (250 points)
This request is not a make it or break it request. For the most part, when I am mixing, I find myself having to put the mixing console in expended view and having to switch back and forth between the mix view and edit view. The reason I have to work that way is that when I have the mixer in the attached mode, the faders are so short making subtle moves impossible to control. One workaround for that is to stretch out the fader, but by doing so, we lose real estate in the inserts and sends area. I personally like to see the audio input level at the top of the console, and I want to see as much of my inserts and sends as possible; if I had to lose one of those, I'll live without the audio input level at the top, but one easy fix to this fader length is as follow. move those four buttons (Mute, Solo, Record enable, Monitor, enable) to the side of the fader, there is more than enough room there for it. Use the top area to expend the faders. I am almost 1000% sure I am not the only one that feels this way. Being able to see the timeline and have the mixer open at the same time is one of the features that make StudioOne a better DAW than Pro Tools, But if I'm being honest, I still use Pro Tools because it's easier to control my subtle fader movement without a controller there because of the fader lengths. Please consider this request. and if anybody else feels this way, vote for this request.

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answered Aug 22, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (256,440 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Aug 14, 2020 by djmogovan (1,150 points)
Yes, and adjustable widths like Cubase 10.5!
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answered Aug 14, 2020 by shawnrudolph (430 points)
There's no need for longer faders. Though, based on your description, there's no room for them on your screen.

But, if you want more precision, hold the shift key down when you click. You'll move in 0.1db increments.