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Artist to professional upgrade via sphere subsciption

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asked Aug 12, 2020 in Studio One 5 by duanereilly (160 points)

I recieved a license for Artist 5 when i purchased a Presonus Quantum. It is installed on my computer.

I just upgraded my account with a sphere membership which includes access to studio one professional, but my studio one 5 program still says it is artist version when i click "about studio one"

I have uninstalled and reinstalled studio one with the latest installer and still get the same problem.

Thank you

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answered Aug 21, 2020 by garymaguire (11,370 points)
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To activate Studio One using the online method, please follow the instructions located in the following knowledge base article:

If you continue to have issues please contact Technical Support.

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answered Aug 19, 2020 by darrensmith15 (150 points)
I have the same problem