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Can we get more Scenes per Project

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asked Aug 21 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by JKalebby (420 points)
Using scenes is a big part of what I do for live and broadcast mixing. The only problem is that there are only ~20 scenes per project yet there are ~100 projects. If it's a space issue I would much rather cut down on projects and offload them to the computer to load in when I need them. Allowing for more scenes to exist in the remaining projects. I work with multiple bands who have over 100 songs in their arsenal. while there is always a setlist, they take requests from this massive list of available songs at any given moment and it would be nice to be able to grab the scene on the fly with the proper fx timings, levels, eqs, etc.

Can we pretty please have more scenes to work with? I can imagine it's even more needed for the theater guys.

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answered Aug 25 by jonnydoyle (351,440 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Aug 22 by timde (240 points)
I agree! Please add more scenes per project!

In theatre, I could easily have upwards of 150 scenes per show all using the same base configuration (project). Scenes in theatre are really just switching mutes and levels. And don't tell me that is what the mute groups are for. When switching 24+ mics with any number of different actors on stage in each scene, having just a few mute groups is not anywhere near practical.

I reckon there should be fewer projects, but each project should have at least 200 scenes.
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answered Aug 25 by stevenleffue (150 points)
Agreed Agreed Agreed Agreed.  The high channel count is great for theatrical uses, but the scene limit just made me question my purchase for sure.  Hopefully that's a "quick fix".