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Strange behaviour using Studio One Console Scenes

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asked Jan 21, 2021 in Studio One 5 by russellwagstaff (130 points)

I am attempting to use Console Scenes in V5 but have encountered some really strange behaviour.  Trying to figure out if it’s just my lack of understanding or do I have an underlying problem.

As an example, I have a compressor on a bass track that is side-chained to the kick drum.  On the kick track, S1 automatically creates the send for the sidechain – all good.  I then create two scenes Mix A and Mix B.  I also have all recall options selected.

What happens when I switch between the two scenes is that S1 adds an additional send (on the kick track) to the compressor on the bass track.

Another problem I’ve also seen is with an FX channel that has the Analog Delay plug-in added.  When I switch between scenes, the value of global dry/wet control changes.

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