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Step input inside the score, why no triplets?

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asked Aug 28, 2020 in Score Editor by micheletacchi (950 points)

Step entry inside the score should have the same functionality as in the midi editor...for example: we can't input triplets in the score editor! It really should be consistent.

Please improve the Score editor! Not for engraving or creating parts, but for composing.


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answered Sep 7, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (194,380 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Oct 14, 2020 by petersalt (1,360 points)
This is almost beyond belief. Am I missing something? No triplets or tuplets in step-time in the notation view? Once again, the engineers at PreSonus prove they know a lot about tech and nothing about music. I guess for the average EDM producer, tuplets aren't a thing...ignorance is bliss?
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answered Nov 27, 2020 by pabloschmitt (250 points)
It's odd. You have to input 3 notes, then highlight them and right click and create tuplet. It's ridiculous. I should be able to click, for example,  a 1/16T; 1/8T, etc. type note and it will input three 1/16; 1/8 notes in triplet form (or sextuplet), then I just adjust the pitch.