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I can't get Melodyne to work with Studio One 5, even though it shows up in my VST folder

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asked Sep 2, 2020 in Studio One 4 by camerongallant (140 points)
I recently upgraded to Studio One 5, and it came with Melodyne Essentials 5. I downloaded and installed Melodyne 5, I got the confirmation that it was successfully installed on my computer. However, when I open Studio One, Melodyne does not show up as an option in the sidebar, and when I click on a track and select "edit with Melodyne", it tells me I haven't activated it yet.

My Melodyne installer is located in D:Studio One\Installer [My HP Omen computer has a solidstate drive (C) and a hard drive (D)]

The actual Melodyne program is located in C:Program Files\Celemony\Melodyne 5. I am able to open and use this program separately from Studio One.

The VST plugin path is this: C:Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Celemony\Melodyne

I did previously have an older version of Melodyne on this computer. The VST path existed before I downloaded the new Melodyne 5, so perhaps that path is leading to the older version? However, it is the only VST path I see.

Under Options > Locations > VST plug-ins in the Studio One menu, I have all of these locations (and then some) selected. I do not understand where the miscommunication is. What can I do to make Studio One recognize that I have Melodyne on the computer and that it has already been activated?
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