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Melodyne not working in Studio One 5

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asked Oct 25, 2020 in PreSonus Sphere by lukefaulkner (160 points)
Hey, hope someone can help...

I signed up to Presonus Shpere and downloaded/installed Studio One 5. Activated, works great for recording etc.. However, as part of the bundle, Melodyne is included. I have been to 'Studio One' menu, and 'Studio One Installations' and in there I see Melodyne, it is installed and I have copied the license key and activated it... so should be fine right?

I also checked the 'Locations' in preferences to make sure it points to the right location. It seems to point to my VST's and I added VST 3 path as Melodyne seems  to be in there.

Whatever I do, when I select 'Edit with Melodyne' on a vocal track, it tries to open, but the Edit view is just black.. nothing..

I have a an older Mac and Melodyne seems to install and open on it's own with no issues, but won't work in Studio One 5.


Studio One 5 - Melodyne 5.0.2

Mac:  iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2013), High Sierra 10.13.6, 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, Graphics: Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB.

Any ideas? Please........

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answered Oct 26, 2020 by lukefaulkner (160 points)

I remove Melodyne and studio One from my Mac, upgraded mac to OS Catalina.. then logged back into Presonus Sphere and downloaded Studio One and Melodyne again (today 26th Oct 20). It now seems to work ok..

I am not sure exactly the fix.. if it was Mac update to Catalina, or if it was the new Studio One update that came out around the time I signed up for Presonus Sphere.. version as of 20th Oct is 5.1.. wondering if my previous download was 5.0..

Anyhow, with the Mac OS update and Re-installing Studio One and Melodyne (downloaded from my Presonus Sphere account) it seems to be working..

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answered Aug 8, 2021 by thomasneuer (140 points)
I had the same experience when I subscribed to 5, and later upgraded to 5.3 when everything went black.  It took over two months to get this corrected with Presonus Tech Support AND with Celemony.  Finally, there might be a syntax definition of what is "install" vs. "registered" vs. "activate".  Anyway, go directly to Celemony and "activate" with them ... directly.   

Also note, after you've activated everything and all is working for you, you need to open melodyne from your "browse" lower right corner for each track.  THEN, you can "edit with melodyne" when you want.  In other words, melodyne isn't just automatic everytime you open something new.

For me, coming form Cubase and ProTools, this is awkward; however, the ease of using StudioOne is worth it.    Hope this helps.