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Cant get Melodyne to work in SO5

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asked Dec 29, 2020 in Studio One 5 by Solo4you (220 points)
Help! Frustrated!

So, I upgraded to Sphere because I loved all the add ons one being access to Melodyne. My understanding is that I should be able to use it with SO5. I had SO4 Artist before. I am able to download Melodyne essential   Zip folder to my c drive. I double click to open and it installs but not in studio one. I go to the installation tabs in SO but it’s not there. I only see the trial version that I had installed prior which has expired. I then drag the folder to SO and it opens a announcement link to the Melodyne website which I register n everything but only options are enter product key or purchase Melodyne. I don’t lkk no ow what else to do . Thanks

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answered Jul 17, 2021 by idealistaspirant (210 points)
I have a similar question, sorry its not an answer. I can launch Melodyne but it wont allow any editing. I can see the 'audio blobs', what tools are available are selectable but cannot select or operate the audio image I want to edit. The program does say 'Melodyne Player' in top right corner not 'Melodyne Studio' like in the how to videos. Is this highly impractical demo version? Will try asking this also.