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Tap Tempo to record to Tempo Track

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asked Sep 6, 2020 in Recording by joeoliver1 (500 points)
edited Sep 8, 2020 by joeoliver1
I would love the option to arm the tempo track to record so you can record all your tap tempos on it. When I edit stuff that wasn't recorded to a click and I want to add time based effects, I have to spend hours and hours cutting up the audio file and find the tempo of each bar to get it as accurate as possible. If we could record our taps to the tempo track, we could create a tempo map on the fly and save hours of awful work.

Also, the option to change time signature on the tempo track markers would be a little easier than having to right click the timeline etc.

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answered Sep 7, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (256,880 points)
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answered Feb 15, 2021 by anonyme2 (800 points)
Excellent idea !

However, it seems that tempo is only renewed at the beginning of a bar (e.g. : in 3/4, it's renewed every 3 beats only). So for more precision you could trick it by choosing a 1/X tempo for record.

Also, it should interpolate the different tempos you record, instead of creating horizontal steps (or let the user choosing).

Another option would be as with all automation curves to be able to control it with a fader. But I think tap tempo record does more reflect what a conductor would do.
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answered Jun 5, 2021 by Polarelch (690 points)
Exactly what I'd like to see as well. To be able to write tempo changes with tap tempo during the recording would be heavily useful for the songwriting process, too. Sometimes I just jam and record myself playing various ideas in one go, and when I have a new idea in a different tempo, I'd use tap tempo. But of course, as it is now, this changes the tempo of the whole recording. That's why this feature request is so good and important. Thank you!