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With the M-Audio Oxygen Pro Mini 32 Key Keyboard, does the Tap Tempo function work for Studio One?

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asked Sep 2, 2022 in Studio One 5 by jordanhume2 (220 points)

So few keyboards have a tap tempo button (which drives me nuts... How is this not a standard default button on every single USB MIDI controller ever built???  Who wants to be tapping a key on their computer keyboard or awkwardly clicking their mouse on the tiny little tempo value on their monitor to set the tempo?), so the fact that the M-Audio Oxygen Pro 32 Mini does is a huge plus for me.  That, coupled with more keys than your average mini keyboard makes it a tempting device, but what I'm wondering is if that Tap tempo button actually works properly with Studio One?  

I've currently got a Nektar Impact 49+ right now and it's just way too big for my desk (plus it doesn't have a tap tempo button, of course...).  I tried the Novation Launchkey 37 which was the perfect size and I liked all the drum pads, but without a dedicated Tap tempo, it was annoying to have to use one of the drum pads as my custom tap tempo button, because I had to switch my pads over to a different bank just to access it, then switch back to play the drums.  

So yeah, does anyone have a M-Audio Oxygen Pro 32 mini and, if so, can they confirm whether or not the Tap Tempo feature works?  Also, overall, how do you feel about its Studio One integration?  Any quirks or problems with it?

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