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ATOM SQ - Turn off LEDs and Screen through Setup Menu

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asked Oct 2, 2021 in Atom Pad Controllers by tyhudson (190 points)
I feel it would be very easy to implement some sort of pseudo-sleep mode to the ATOM SQ.

In order to access it, one would just press the Setup button and navigate to a button that says "Sleep", which then turns off the LEDs and screen until an input is detected.

Leaving my computer on and having the ATOM SQ shine brightly bothers me. The device wouldn't even have to disconnect or go to actual sleep, it would just turn off all the LEDs and Display. I'm sure many ATOM SQ users would appreciate this as well. Turning down the brightness and the LEDs to off is a hassle. I also don't want to damage the USB port from repeated disconnection.

Thank you!

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answered Oct 2, 2021 by lorrismusic (1,180 points)
Presonus didn't added this to the original Atom controller so i doubt it'll hapen on the SQ soon

but i've found a workaround for this, what i did is i've buyed a switch(the one you usualy find in desktop lamps) and added it to the usb cable so i can trun off and on my Atom when i want, it's a bit hard to do too as th cables inside are tiny and you'll need to do soldering...