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Shure SM7B very quiet

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asked Sep 8 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by brianellison1 (190 points)
I am running a Shure SM7B into a Cloudlifter CL-1 into my Studiolive AR12. The signal is very weak and I have to turn the channel gain almost all the way up. Isn't the Cloudlifter supposed to boost the gain so I don't need to do this? Is the Studiolive just not powerful enough for the SM7B?

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answered Sep 9 by jonnydoyle (360,480 points)
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The SM7B requires a lot of clean gain on pretty much any mixer. A stand alone pre amp may be the solution.
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answered Sep 8 by matthewritenburg (12,740 points)
Is the Cloudlifter connected to phantom power? That could be your problem. The Cloudlifter needs phantom power.
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answered Sep 8 by brianellison1 (190 points)
Phantom power is on