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Is anyone else using DANTE as a source instead of analog with the CDL series?

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asked Sep 16, 2020 in Worx Series by (190 points)
So the analog output is roughly 10db louder than when using DANTE as my source.  I have triple checked the WORX software and have no DSP at all on.  I have tested this within WORX making no other change other than input from DANTE to Analog and the output difference is drastic.  I posted a question under support and waiting for an answer, trying to find out if anyone else has this problem.  I have tried the speakers with a Yamaha TF series mixer, Allen & Heath SQ series, and the Mac OS Virtual sound card with the same result in all instances.  I have 4 of the CDL12's and they all exhibit the same issue.



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answered Sep 22, 2020 by jonnydoyle (403,140 points)
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The Network connection has around 6db less output. Use Work Control to boost the signal.
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answered Sep 27, 2020 by (190 points)
I just did a DB meter and the output difference is 23db not 5db or the 8db Presonus support told me.  Does anyone else have these speakers that can do the same test to see what you are getting?

To be clear, I had to add 23db of gain to the compressor (not using any other compressor settings just strictly gain) to match the analog output when using DANTE as the source.  I requested a firmware update to correct this.  I have four of these speakers and can easily see me forgetting to modify the gain on a speaker and then have an unbalanced system.  Especially if the speaker looses its settings for some reason.

This is disappointing....