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how to stop the play start marker from resetting itself to the beginning

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asked Apr 12, 2022 in Studio One 4 by kirbykleingartner (130 points)
as others have experienced,  the play start marker will jump to the begging of the time line .  after setting the play start marker thigs wrok fine until you use click on t he tine line t for any reason.  the paly start marker then automatically resets its self to the beginning.  this is not a " return to start after stop enabled  " function . that function works just fine.    is there something im missing that will keep the play start marker permanently fixed where i set it.  theres no reason that should auto reset without selecting a function to perform that task.  set play start maker should mean exactly that.   it does not say set.  this is a bug that needs to be fix to work as designed.  any thougfhts.  thanks


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answered Dec 19, 2023 by marccormier1 (160 points)
How on earth is this still a bug?  Does anyone have a resolution?  This is so basic.