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Arp and Chorder FX included in Atom SQ package?

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asked Sep 18, 2020 in Atom Pad Controllers by felixschallock (250 points)
reshown Sep 19, 2020 by felixschallock
Hi! I am a bit confused by the Atom SQ manual and online demo videos regarding what is included in the package.

As far as I know the Atom SQ gets delivered with the S1 Artist version, which doesn't include Note FX. In the Atom SQ manual on page 20 it says there are options to activate Chorder FX and Arp Fx. Are these inbuilt hardware FX or are they included with the software or does it only work in S1 professional?

If they are not included in the Artist version how would it be possible to adjust the gate in an arp sequence (to allow glide for e.g. or get short staccato)? Is the chorder also Hardware based?

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answered Apr 24, 2022 by jorgeavila1 (150 points)
Yep, very good questions, i'm finding myself with the same doubts!!!