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Purchase Arturia Keylad MKII 61 with Studio One or just use my Kurzweil PC3LE?

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asked Sep 29, 2020 in Studio One 5 by jamesfrisque (140 points)
I am a long-time music teacher and pianist but a total beginner when it comes to home studio production. I have been considering buying the 61 key Arturia Keylab MKII to use with Studio One. I would be purchasing the PreSonus Studio24C interface with Studio One Artist included.

I already own a Kurzweil PCLE7 keyboard/workstation. Would I be better off trying to use this as my midi controller or purchasing a separate keyboard controller? Is the Arturia a good choice for integrating with Studio One? Should I save some cash and use the Kurzweil? Is there a better option I am missing?

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