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compatibility issues with Studio One 4 Pro and my newly purchased Arturia Keylab mkII 61

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asked Feb 4, 2020 in Studio One 4 by tomemmerling (270 points)
After adding the kb manually (it's not in the drop downs), a lot of the usual steps to map knobs to instruments like mai tai, etc aren't working.  Transport controls do work, but not much else works well (impact pads are mapped but incorrectly, can't take the usual steps to map a knob to the cutoff... it's kind of a long list).

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answered Apr 14, 2020 by robertkreiner (180 points)
Ugh I'm having the same issues with my newly purchased Arturia KeyLab MKII. Absolutely thought it would work well with Studio One because of the Studio One DAW overlay it comes with, but this is far from the truth. I don't know what to do now other than to return the controller. I'm gutted.
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answered Jun 28, 2020 by Scaper7 (430 points)
same here ... have owned a keylab mkII for a year or so but only just started using it earnest now that i've purchased Arturia's V-Collection

stunned to find how disfunctional this controller is within Studio One .... is this really as good as it gets for keylab and studio one?
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answered Jul 28, 2020 by juergenboehme (880 points)
edited Jul 28, 2020 by juergenboehme
I also have the Arturia Keylab 61 mkII now and had to play around with the settings a bit to find out how to make this work.

To play with the keyboard and at the same time control items in Studio One the keyboard needs to be integrated twice in the configuration.

1) Create a new keyboard in Studio one and take the keylab 61 as source and target.

2) Create a HUI and select the Keylab 61 2nd Midi option as source and target.

3) In the Arturia user mode route the encoders and faders to not-used MIDI controllers. In the Arturia Midi Center you can see that there are controllers like 7 (Volume) or 10 (Pan) and some like 9, 14 or 15 which are undefined. Route these undefined controllers to the buttons and faders, and then you can assign them within Studio One to different functionalities. In case you are controlling instruments or effects with the controllers they can be used for more than one plugin. E.g. in one instrument encoder 1 one can be a certain filter while the same encoder can be routed to control a frequency gain in an additional equalizer plugin. The plugin to be controlled is the one that has the current focus on the screen.

A thing which could be addressed here:

If you switch between different plugins the encoders do not read out the controller values first but report there current position to the solftware plugin. If the plugin setting was e.g. value 70 and the encoder had 20 as last value the plugin adapts to the encoder value instead of the encoder reads the current parameter value and presents it to outside.
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answered Dec 1, 2020 by (170 points)
Could you please repeat that in English for us lower educated people.