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Issues with connecting Arturia Essential 61 to Studio One Version 5

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asked Jan 18, 2021 in Studio One 5 by brendonsexe (120 points)
Hello, I recently purchased the Arturia KeyLab Essential 61. I have studio one version 5 used on Windows 10. In order to add the keyboard you have to add it as a mackie control. I use the same mid in and midi out for send/receive that I have seen on all of the forums for the past few years, but the keys still do not work. I can get the daw buttons on the keyboard to work such as play, stop, record, etc. There are many videos showing this work for past versions of studio one. Was there something changed in version 5 that would cause this issue? Is there a known fix for getting this keyboard to work with studio one? I have also tried adding new keyboard, and selecting the "receive from" as the keylab, but that didn't work either. Let me know if you have any ideas. If I'm not going to be able to use this keyboard with my DAW I would of course want to return it ASAP. Thanks

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answered Feb 20, 2021 by B4time (510 points)
Wondering if you ever sorted this out. I just picked the keylab mk2 88. I am on Studio One 4.5 and gotta say a bit disappointed thus far with the integration. Was thinking an upgrade to SO5 might be solution, and going to upgrade anyway, but sounds like integration is still not tight.
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answered Mar 2, 2021 by paulmabley (210 points)
Same here. Plug&Play works fine with my M-Audio Oxygen 61, Komplete 32, Maschine Mk3 and Nektar Aura, but anything else is a no-no. I'm especially disappointed as I can't use my KeyLab 61. Even with HUI / Mackie it's touch and go - and i want to use the pads, knobs and sliders my Keylab has, otherwise I could have saved 400 quid and bought a bare bones controller.
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answered Jan 1, 2022 by billjacobs (460 points)
After much trial and error, this worked for me. I have Studio One 5 Pro and the Arturia KeyLab mkII 61. With the keyboard on, first in the Arturia Midi Control Center in the Device Settings tab, in DAW Map select Studio One. Close that. Then in Studio One Configure External Devices there are two devices to set up. First select Mackie, Mackie Control, Receive From MIDINI2 (KeyLab mkII 61) and Send to MIDIOUT2 (KeyLab mkII 61). Next, create a new keyboard device, name it Arturia KeyLab mkII 61, and Receive From KeyLab mkII 61 and Send To none. That worked for me. In a song, select DAW on the keyboard to work the DAW controls, and ANALOG LAB to work an Analog Lab insert. I haven't used other instruments yet, but I assume they would need to be mapped with USER on the keyboard. Good luck. I wish one or both of the companies explained that.