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How to include MainOut, Phones & Blend settings to be saved in Scenes

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asked Sep 5, 2021 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by allenliwanag (150 points)
How do I save the settings for the three above-cited functions to be included in a Scene using Revelator IO24?

An example use case scenario I have is that I want my PC to start with the blend all the way to right so that I have no direct monitoring with my stereo setup mics within the desktop. This is useful because I pretty much leave the gain setting and 48v on with my "desktop" scene. I like it this way because when using studio monitors along with the mic, and say, I play a game where I use the mic, no feedback will push since direct monitoring is at zero.

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answered Sep 14, 2021 by julianpawlowski (350 points)
Same question here.

It is usually wise to lower the volume of your main output when enabling the microphones. However this is easily forgotten and scenes shall be here to help with this.

As we are speaking about this, also the mute setting for the external monitors (that currently can only be controlled by the physical button on the front panel) shall be saved/restored by a scene as well.