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Next Studio one Remote Update??

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asked Oct 6 in Studio One 5 by davidannohjr (140 points)
Good day Sir/Madam,

Is Presonus planning to update the Remote app for Studio One?

While waiting for my Faderport to be repaired, I stumbled upon an AVID video on Avid Control App. What really drew my attention is the presence of Tracks and Meter pages. I am pretty sure such features would enhance my workflow with Faderport 16. I really love the Soft Keys tab, but is it possible to redesign it? Changing their order doesn't seem to be very intuitive.

I hope you consider my requests.


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answered Oct 11 by Lukas Ruschitzka (137,350 points)
Hi David,

Studio One Remote is constantly being updated. PreSonus definitely considers feature requests with many votes. If you miss certain features, please create dedicated feature requests for every single feature or - if there is already a topic - just vote for it.