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Score editor in artist version

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asked Oct 13, 2020 in Score Editor by jashandeepreehal (1,670 points)
recategorized Oct 13, 2020 by jashandeepreehal
Please add some basic score editor in studio one artist version. The score editor in pro is awesome and advanced but I am on artist version. Please include a basic set of score editor I  artist version like other daws have

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answered Oct 14, 2020 by arturoalberogabriel (1,340 points)
In my opinion, it should be included even in Prime, because it's a great way to learn a DAW for the classically trained musicians, who usually find DAWs quite intimidating because of the lack of usable notation. So they learn and they want to buy the upgrade to artist or pro.
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answered Dec 10, 2020 by aka_busker (32,890 points)
Well, Notion is a paid product that "classical" musicians should use instead of Studio One.  The argument "score should be featured in Prime" ignores the fact that NOTION exists.  It's pretty short sighted to expect a free product (Prime - which essentially is a feature limited demo of Studio One Artist) to be filled with *paid for features* for Studio One Pro. ####  At this point its a matter of research on your part.  For every Classically trained orchestral member, including those using the argument against piano roll and the learning of it - stop looking at Studio One as your PRIMARY source of recording your ideas!   Get Notion!!!  *(1) Notion allows the use of VST and Rewire.  *(2)Notion is designed for classical musicians or musicians composing orchestral pieces.   *(3)Notion uses proper manuscript. *(4) Notion is a full feature score editor.  *(5) Notion will export your track in WAV format.  *(6)Notion exports PDF so you can share the sheet music quickly and easily. ##### Again, do your research about the differences between Notion and Studio One.   ARE YOU Making electronic music? Choose Studio One.  ARE YOU Making rock music?  Again, choose Studio One. ARE YOU a Classically trained musician/music historian with no clue about how to use a DAW?  Choose Notion.  ARE YOU a Jazz musician?  Choose both.  ;)  ##### These are two DISTINCTLY different products aimed at different clients/Markets, even though both have tight integration between each other.   The mistake is thinking that Studio One is the panacea for all seasons.  It isn't, not in this case.  This is a prime example of not understanding which tool is right for the right job.  Also, it's worth pointing out that all musicians - including those who read music score - should know their way around a piano keyboard and how their main instrument compares.  E.g. as a guitarist I am fully aware of where each note on my main instrument sits on a piano keyboard (e.g. Electric Guitars play E2 to E6 but get written an octave higher than played to keep it all on one stave.)  As such, so too should a violinist, a clarinet player etc.  If a classically trained musician DOESN'T know their way around a piano keyboard - then their training is sub standard.  You dont need to play like Chopin, but at least know which note is which.  If I can do it as a self-taught musician, then conservatory musicians should be able to do it.  
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answered Sep 10, 2023 by herbievantetering (380 points)

I understand your feelings. As Notion user, I use Notion 6.0 as a DAW, but realise DAW-like features that could be useful are missing. So I find myself sometimes switching between DAW and Notion 6.0 to produce quality music. Notion 6.0 is more than 10 years old and my feelings are Presonus has left the modern composer behind.

Already open source notation software like Muse 4.0 has more realistic playback. These are scary developments, because Muse 4.0 is supported by the Russians and Chinese government.

We as composers and musicians are up against something that we should be protected from in this music industry. We should not be dragged into a political bias from Presonus and end up somewhere outside of the music industry.

These are worrying times.