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Quantum 2626 input monitoring??

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asked Oct 14 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by k.gustafson (130 points)
I cannot get input monitoring with my Quantum 2626. I am NOT running Studio One (Protools DAW) , I believe input monitoring must be set from within the DAW. I have tried everything, ProTools is all set correctly for the interface - but I can only achieve monitoring through playback by turning up the faders, so its a double signal. Universal Control doesn't function although it is present on screen, what can I try to fix this - advice please!

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answered Oct 27 by toddzimmerman (1,060 points)
I am having a simular issue with the @uantum, Not passing input signals through the main out while using Universal Control.

It will pass  signals, such as iTunes, but no ianalog inputs.  Not sure if it the hardware or a software issue.  Works fine in / with

Studio One...  Very odd.  Not an answer I know.  There is a video about monitoring through UzC while running  Protools which

may be helpful.