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Low signal via outputs with direct monitoring.

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asked Feb 14, 2021 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by janwichta (120 points)
Dear all,

I recently noticed that I get very low output to my headphones when using direct monitoring(built in mixer) on my Studio24c.

I have an AKG condenser mic, phantom power is on, and the input LEDs are hitting close to 0 db. - Indicating that the input signal is fine. - There is no problem with the pre-amplification.

However, I have to turn the Mixer knob almost all the way to the left, and the headphone output all the way up...and I can still barely hear myself. It would seem that there is some attenuation applied somewhere along the route from input to output.

The playback signal is loud and clear when I center the Mixer knob... what am I doing wrong?

PS.: I can also see that the output LEDs show at least 8 db less than the input, even with the Mixer cranked all the way to the left.

Thanks much,


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