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Using Studio One with an external mixer in a live setting

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asked Oct 14, 2020 in Studio One 5 by alexandretersano (390 points)
Hello - is it possible to have both an external multitrack mixer AND an interface like a Scarlett 4i4 connected to Studio One, so that the signal enters Studio One multitrack from the mixer, is processed by Studio One (plugins, effects, etc), and then leaves Studio One to the PA by the interface? Or is there a simpler way of doing this? I don’t know if Studio One can handle two interfaces at the same time, but I don’t want to have to use a 8 to 10 input interface...

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answered Oct 15, 2020 by aka_busker (32,890 points)
Hi there.  I saw this post earlier and then wondered how to do it.  Luckily my google news feed spat out this article at me today.  It says "small mixer" but the theory is the same if you have a larger mixer.
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answered Oct 15, 2020 by alexandretersano (390 points)
aka_busker, thanks a lot! This is very helpful. I do have a question here though - it seems like the setup that is described here is one where you have some instruments plugged into the analog mixer and then the output of the analog mixed plugged into the interface; and then other instruments plugged directly into the interface; and then the interface plugged into the computer/DAW.
I did manage to test that with my mixer, which is not an interface - I plugged the instruments to it, then plugged in the output to my interface (a Scarlett 4i4), and that gave me a stereo input to the DAW; at the same time, my interface also provided me an output from the DAW to an external PA through the line outputs.
My question is if I could plug two interfaces into Studio One - the mixer/interface, so I can give a multitrack input to the DAW, and the Scarlett, so the stereo output from the DAW can be routed to the PA. Or could I route the stereo output from the DAW back to the mixer/interface and from it to the PA, thus eliminating the need for a second interface?
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answered Oct 19, 2020 by aka_busker (32,890 points)
Hi.  Sorry for the delay.  I was distracted.  Let me answer the best I can under a few advisories  or caveats - I use an 8 channel interface and I don't often use my external mixer for more than using my looper currently.  Firstly, let me answer the multiple interfaces question - not on Windows.  You can only use one interface.  I would recommend connecting the 4i4 as your interface.  I have a theory that I am yet to try which means using the inserts of a mixer to hack some connections to the 4i4, or any other audio interface.  If you have multiple outputs on the mixer you could connect those to the interface line in connections.  Really, to be truthful, there are a few ways to hack it but your results will vary.  The more connections you add, the more chance for noise to get into the recording.  I have no clue which mixer you are trying to get included as part of your set up, so any and all ideas are speculation at this point.   And alas, it may require more cables than you have.