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Problem with looping and toggle in Impact XT

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asked Oct 15, 2020 in Studio One 5 by stewartgrant (200 points)
What I’m Using

iMac mojave 10.14.6    Presonus Studio One 4.6.2    Presonus AudioBox i Two  Roland TM2 1.02

I am using 4 inputs into the TM2 from three different pads and a bar trigger and then these are midi’d out through to the AudioBox and then to Studio One by USB connection…..

In ImpactXT - In any kit (supplied or custom) when you trigger a pad/pads through the TM2 - in my case drum pads - everything works fine in both play and record mode. As soon you change a trigger setting so that you can Loop and Toggle a loop, nothing happens there is no sound at all - there is a light indicator on the TM2 that the trigger is being hit. It will play a loop one shot only and record…but it will not play repeatedly, either with only loop selected or toggle selected….  however, when loop and toggle are selected and you tap the screen though the tablet pen or click on by mouse it works perfectly… all the other three single hits are fine and can be heard and recorded - I have tried changing the leads, moving the pads around both physically and in Studio One but still no sounds.....can you help ???

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