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impact xt, cant remove clicks from sample end with adsr?

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asked Mar 18, 2019 in Studio One 4 by bjrnb (210 points)
so, i am having problems with removing click from end of a sample in impact xt.

say if i have a long 808 sample and want to cut the sample shorter, zoom in and find a perfect end marker point.

there is a click at the end of sample, and after trying to remove it with one-shot adrs and normal adrs i cant get that to work.

it would be very useful to have a simple fade function on the wave display, like the fade works in the timeline.

or am i missing something from the impact adrs here? i have seen in deprth tutorials but just cant get that to work.

i can offcourse edit the sample in the timeline and bring it back, but thats a major workflow killer.

and if i change my mind on how long sample i wanna use, i have to edit it on timeline again..

or another thing that would work as well, though abit backwards,

is to let a sample drag and drop to timeline from impact.

but it would have to extract only the part within start and end markers, then i could edit it in timeline with end fade and drag it back to impact.

hopefully i am making sence.  

i must be missing somthing with impact adsr though right?

this is a really basic feature.


:) b

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answered Aug 5, 2020 by gabrieldiggs (320 points)
edited Aug 5, 2020 by gabrieldiggs

I think I solved it! In the AMP section of the pad parameters just bring down the D (Decay) fader. It's not very precise but you can create a nice tail off and clean up those clicks on your sample. Let me know if that works for you. Please see attached image.