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So, just to be clear, there is no output routing in Universal Control and no output at all without a DAW running?

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asked Oct 16, 2020 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by bchern (220 points)
The title says it. I am very disappointed so far with my first attempt to use the Quantum 2626. Moved turntable inputs to the first line ins, moved the outputs to the mains directly from a Saffire Pro where everything was working fine (AND I can switch routing and mixes in their software AND it works without the computer even running) with Universal Control running. I could see input, but there was no output until I launched a DAW and set up a mix. Universal Control has no routing whatsoever? You HAVE to be running a DAW to hear anything? Is this correct???? (And, you have to turn on monitoring in the input channels in the DAW mix.)

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answered Oct 17, 2020 by wesleypeterson (20,890 points)
I use my monitors, connected to an Audiobox ITwo using Universal Control, and have no problem using it as an out for windows. Under Control Panel>Sound the Speakers are listed as USB out for the ITwo.  And under the Recording tab it's listed as a line in. They are both set as the Default Device. I know that various guitar effect Programs work fine as stand alone and I can listen to windows media player fine. So at least with my setup it's not true.
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answered Oct 17, 2020 by bchern (220 points)
I took a look at the Audio System Settings, and they reflect what is shown in the Universal Control interface. Input has signal, output has nothing.

I'm trying to get a sense of whether this is the way it is for everyone in the Quantum 2626, or do I have a defective unit.
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answered Oct 17, 2020 by wesleypeterson (20,890 points)
I just checked to be sure. We are using different hardware. But if you're asking about passthrough, then no. I can play whatever in the line in but without another program doing the routing (it doesn't have to be a DAW) I don't get sound out of my monitors. I can get sound while watching movies, listening to mp3s, ect. So it does seem to need a program to route the sound for passthrough. But since various standalone guitar effects work just fine, It doesn't have to be Studio One. Sorry, I can't be more help.