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Is there a way to disable permissions for every device with Qmix-UC without having them to be connected at the moment?

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asked Nov 7, 2021 in UC Surface / Qmix by rseaaedp (150 points)

we recently got new SL32R and began to use it also with Qmix-UC. Everything is running fine, setting permissions is very easy. On the other hand, disabling permissions (or setting them to "none") is rather tricky. If the phone is still connected it's easy. But while recording with multiple people, some were leaving session sooner and I forgot to reset the permissions for their device. Next day, they came to my live gig and warned me, that they still can mix auxes via Qmix.

After looking into manuals and forums I couldn't find better way to disable permissions for devices not currently connected. So is there some kind of reset button for device permissions, or do I have to stop every musician leaving session to wait for me to reset their permissions?

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