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Crackling noises with my StudioLive 16R III

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asked Oct 17 in StudioLive Series III by spnnzspnnz (140 points)

I am having crackling noises with my StudioLive 16R III.
- The noises are present with a DAW like Studio One 4 or with a very simple use (Just the use of Universal Control);
- The PC is very powerful and recent (Dell XPS 13), all drivers, windows 10 and firmware are up to date;
- Already, with another PC, the noise was already appearing, but less loudly;
- The slightest sound sent to StudioLive 16R III causes crackles (Via a playback with Studio One 4 or a simple windows sound);
- I tried all the usual recipes: buffer, frequency, latency, etc. Anyway, from Universal Control the noise exists.
Presonus support does not offer a strategy for diagnosis, only hundreds of pages to test at random.

Do you have any experience?

Best regards,

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