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Main Fader Peaking - All input gains are set appropriately as to not “peak”

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asked Oct 18, 2020 in Ai Mixers by ajdaugherty (210 points)
Any help is appreciated.  We are not crazy experienced but we’ve gotten by.  All our input gains for each instrument/vocal are gains accurately as to not peak, however the main input while the entire team is playing a song gets in the red & there is some peaking that seems to be bleeding over into sub mixes.  This is all for a live setting.  I did check & there is no overall compression or limiter on the “overal” mix.  Is this possibly the issue?  Not sure why the main live mix would be peaking when none of the individual channels are peaking.  Forgive us if this is a novice question.  Thx

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answered Oct 18, 2020 by ajdaugherty (210 points)
*sry for the typos...I meant the main output is peaking but input gains are set accurately & are not peaking.  Thx again for any help/advice.