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how to add third party loop libraries into Studio One v3 professional

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asked Oct 22, 2020 in Studio One 3 by enriquemahecha (110 points)

I guess there is no room for beginners in the world of DAWs. I chose PreSonus  (Windows) Studio One professional for my daw, but I still can not find basic stuff about it. I've seen PLENTY of videos for beginners (Same BS in all of them), but nothing on what I want to know. By the way, it would help a clue as to which are the popular "loops libraries, etc) packages and their websites. Sorry I just don't know about all this.

My QUESTION: Show me, how to install THIRD PARTY loops, plug ins, etc, in Studio one. That's it.

(Yes I know, PreSonus wants to sell me everything but I am just interested in other, than PreSonus)


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