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Transpose is not showing correct on Inspector, while changing to Tracks and Busses.

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asked Nov 4, 2020 in Studio One 5 by martinschdel (1,680 points)
Hi there,

Problem as an example:

i have a Drum Bus Folder, wich includes  BD Folder with BD1 Track followed by SN Folder with SN Top Track and SN Bot Track and so on for HH, Toms and OH.

I transposed the BD Track with the Inspector to -2 , that works good. But if i scroll from the track to the next SN Folder , the Inspector transpose keep showing -2 on the SN Folder .  If i now scroll further down to the SN Track it changes to 0 , which is the true value. In the Workflow overall, it is quite confusing to see some (Not)Changes that shouldn't be there.

Does someone else has this experience?

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answered Nov 24, 2020 by marcoperez4 (150 points)
This also happens to me pretty often. When I want to pitch an audio tack down -12 semitones, it'll pitch it down as expected, but then it'll randomly go back to 0. When I rite click the audio track to pitch it back down, it still reads as -12 but sounds like the original audio at 0.