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track and bus channel in the inspector

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asked Oct 2, 2020 in Mixing by siniablagus (2,850 points)
edited Oct 2, 2020 by siniablagus

it would be so convenient if we could choose to see,besides the selected track, the bus channel (in which the track is routed) in the inspector as well, like it is in doesn't have to be there all the time,but maybe you can add some button to quickly open it is very convenient to see (when you choose a track) if it has some processing on the track itself and on the bus as well...especially when having compressor on the bus

UPDATE: this is what I mean, to see both of them at the same time

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answered Oct 25, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (254,860 points)
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answered Oct 2, 2020 by jackchicago (1,840 points)
You CAN see bus channels in Inspector. 1) make sure you go to Preferences > Advanced > Automation and choose "Automatically create Automation Tracks for Channels" selected. 2) if you already created a Bus *before* altering this setting, right click on the Fader of the Bus you want to see in Inspector, and choose "Edit > Automation Volume" . That will create an Automation Track. Now you can click on the Automation Track of the Bus and you will see the Bus Channel in the Inspector :-)
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answered Oct 2, 2020 by siniablagus (2,850 points)


thanks for the answer but what I meant is that I want to be able to see both of them side by side as in Logic, so that I can see the processing on both tracks immediately....please see screenshot....I think that many logic users (who are thinking of switching) would appreciate this,as well as us that already use s1

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answered May 22, 2021 by valentinosciacca1 (8,120 points)
Yes this will be handy! Please, presonus make it happen! ;)