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How do I do "Z" Zero Latency Monitoring?

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asked Mar 1, 2016 in Studio One 3 by jpettit (11,810 points)

Updated with 3.2 procedures and pictures.
This is just a few pages from the Zero latency Handbook.
Please see the 8 page PDF attached below if you want to learn the how to use it or how it works..

“Z “Monitoring or Zero Latency is supported as of Studio One 2.6+ on the following interfaces:
Hardware Interfaces 
•    FireStudio Mobile, Project
•    AudioBox 22VSL, 44VSL, 1818VSL, 192 Studio
•    Any 3rd party ASIO 2.0 DM interface device (Windows Platform Only)

How do you know if you have Zero Monitoring Capabilities
1)    You will see a “Z” underneath the hardware interface icon on the start page.  

2)    You will see the Z icon in your Audio Channels (if Cue mix is set on the main out), and in any Cue mix (if cue is set for your non main outs)

Create cue mixes for monitoring any "Z" mix.
Creating a Cue Mix Output

In Studio One, it is possible to quickly and easily create multiple cue mixes. A cue mix is separate from the main mix and is usually provided to musicians for monitoring purposes during recording.

For instance, when recording vocals, the engineer and vocalist will probably want to hear
different mixes. Most vocalists want to hear more of their vocals in the mix, possibly with some
reverb to make it sound natural, while the engineer might focus on how the performance
balances with the rest of the mix. 

The first step in building a cue mix is to create another Output Channel. To do this, open the
Song/Song Setup/Audio I/O Setup menu in a Song, switch to the Outputs tab, and add a new
Stereo Output channel. Next, specify that this output is a cue-mix output by clicking on the
channel’s Cue Mix checkbox. You can create as many cue mixes as your audio interface has
available stereo outputs.

Enable Z
Click the "Z" On, either on the channel for main outputs or on the cue mix. You will hear the "Z" latency in your corresponding output when you do this.

"Z" Monitoring
 The procedure is for recording or auto punch in recording mode:
1.    Record-enable AND Monitor-enable the new track(s).  
2.    Verify the "Z" is set for you monitoring cue.
3.    You will hear the source at a "Z" latency level. (You are hearing the monitoring from the hardware) 
4.    Record the track listening to the "Z" cue mix.
5.    To hear the recorded track turn off "Z" or  the Monitor button.

"Z" Monitoring  with (Tape Style)
If you are using the Tape Style monitoring, use this procedure:
1.    Turn Tape Style monitoring on in the Options/Advance/Console 
2.    Record-enable the new track  (Disable the Monitor button if you want to use auto punch in)
3.    Verify the "Z" is set for you monitoring cue.
4.    Record the track listening to the "Z" cue mix.
5.    In Tape Style, because the Monitor button is off you will hear the recorded track on playback.

The PDF Handbook has more includes more details like Tape Style Monitoring vs. Non Tape Style Monitoring, Monitoring with Effects (optional),Signal Flow Reference, How The Delays are Handled by Studio One, Technical References

Be sure to check it out if you need more information.

Zero Latency Handbook.


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