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Your link does not lead to an ASIO download link or anything of the sort when selecting the AudioBox USB 96

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asked Nov 7, 2020 in Studio One 5 by rubenyanez (120 points)

Your link only ever brings me to  a download portal for Universal Control, which i already have installed and applied. I keep seeing ASIO as a driver that i need in order to hear what my mic. has recorded, upon playback. Yet nowhere do i find a way to obtain ASIO. You also mention that "Registering the interface will present you with the software download for the application and for the device driver. " this is not true, as well as  "Device drivers are also available to anyone on our download page here:" being a false statement. Where can i go to obtain an ASIO driver that will alow me to hear myself on playback?

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answered Jan 22 by brianmoore27 (140 points)
Hey did you ever get this resolved?