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Why does DAW cut out periodically while using USB Audiobox 96?

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asked Jun 16, 2021 in AudioBox USB by wesleyloechelt (120 points)
I recently acquired a USB Audiobox 96 for recording music and have been using it with Ableton Live 10 Suite for recording. Unfortunately, every 30 seconds to a minute, Ableton stops producing audio for about a half a second. Playback is paused during this time and as such resumes in the same place it stopped. I've found that the problem only occurs when the USB Audiobox 96 is plugged in and enabled in ASIO4ALL. (I am using ASIO4ALL so that I can route outputs to my USB headset and inputs from the Audiobox so I do not believe I could try using any other ASIO drivers unless they have this functionality.) It seems that the issue is less pronounced at higher sample rates, but raising sample rates too high defeats the purpose of an audio interface by creating very high latency, so I would rather not do that. I have tried reinstalling Universal Control (and as such all drivers associated with it) and have still seen no improvement. This is a brand new computer I am using the Audiobox with, so it is possible there is a missing driver but I have installed all default drivers that come with Windows 10 so I have no way of determining which drivers I may be missing.

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