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Installing Quantum 2626 Thunderbolt 3 on Mac Mini 2018

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asked Dec 22, 2020 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by barrydonnelly (120 points)

I have a flashing blue light on my Quantum 2626. I can't seem to get my Mac Mini to recognise the interface. I would guess that the driver has not been installed. I have downloaded Universal Control v3.4.0.61835 but it too doesn't seem to see it. 

I have tried this too, with no luck. If this message does not appear in Security & Privacy, restart the computer. Note: If Universal Control has already been installed and Quantum is not syncing, run the uninstaller and reinstall the latest version of Universal Control to install the driver.

I am running Catalina using an apple approved 0.8m thunderbolt 3 cable

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answered Dec 28, 2020 by donboomer (1,400 points)
Did you authorize the driver in “security&privacy” on your Mac?  You have to do it within 30 minutes. Otherwise uninstall and reinstall to get it to work.
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answered Aug 22, 2021 by manuelcantu (220 points)
LISTO !!!!

1.- Desisntalar el Universal Control y apagar la Mac

2.- Entrar en modo seguro

3.- Entrar a preferencias del sistema, luego a "Seguridad y Privacidad" y permitir la instalacion de Presonus

4.- Instalar el Universal Control y el driver

5.- Reiniciar y modo normal y LISTO!!!