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Quantum 2626 Thunderbolt 3 Connection Dropping and Cycling OSX Catalina?

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asked May 23, 2020 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by anthonycervantez (400 points)
edited May 24, 2020 by anthonycervantez
Anyone else having this issue? Love this interface but now its basically unusable because of the connection drops. Ive tried everything, using different wall outlets, unplugging all things from my Mac mini and rebooting, using different thunderbolt 3 cables both third party and apple, installing and uninstalling UC Control, forcing firmware to update, etc you name it I've tried.

I honestly can't tell even what's the source, the interface works fine when it can make a connection for the brief moment its connected playing music or running an instrument in it still detects signal just fine. Even when its giving me straight red light on the led connection it still is supplying phantom power.

Ive been lurking on the other forum posts and the only difference I can say I definitely have is that there's no permissions asked in the security and privacy window when I install UC control during the entirety of the process. No permissions even show up after uninstalling.

Ive opened a ticket, but just curious if anyone has run into this with a definite solution.

Edit: Things have gotten even more confusing. Now the when the interface connects I can maintain blue connection led, but the interface is unrecognizable to any software: Ableton, logic, etc.

In addition, the Quantum shows up in UC Control, but shows no signals if I go into the mixer. Running a Kemper in the interface produces signal on the Interface's LED pot though? Finally if I try to go to the mixer it states that the interface is unresponsive and to turn it off and on, but no matter what after I turn it back on it'll still give me the same message. This is definitely concerning......

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answered May 27, 2020 by anthonycervantez (400 points)

Ive been waiting for an answer from Presonus for a total of 10 Days now. Honestly, its to the point that other online forums like Gearslutz are seeing and talking about this stuff. I don't understand how they can have such shoddy support, even with a company as notorious as Microsoft will make you pay to get a repair done, they get it done and confirmed within 4 days. 

Presonus get your stuff together, don't make your support tickets wait without no explanation. If you're having your staff code new firmware or drivers, then tell your customers. Simple as that. Your products are worthless to me if your service can't even do something as simple as a text reply.

I'm gonna copy and paste this to three other unanswered questions. Presonus, you deserved to get flamed at this point. Answer our questions.

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answered May 28, 2020 by chrisdemonico (180 points)
I am having the same issue with no response from the support team.  I have gone to several other sites as well to try to find out how to fix the drop out problem.  My Quantum connected for about a week, then light stays red, no connection.  I had turned off all interrupts to the driver through the Thunderbolt ports, such as bluetooth pings, hard drive power down etc.  I've reset the NVRAM, deleted and reinstalled the driver a dozen times.  I've hand deleted any remaining Quantum files.  Support asked to see the Mac .spx file.  I sent it to them, but no response back now.  I'm just trying to get the interface to reconnect.  It will connect to my laptop but the quality of the audio is a disaster on a PC.  Can't get the pops and clicks to stop at any sample rate.  Plenty of horse power in a quad core i7.  It's all about getting the drivers to play well.  Please let me know if you find a solution.  I will do the same.
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answered Jun 6, 2020 by kitwatson (610 points)

I have provided this answer on a couple of other relevant questions, and it seems appropriate to drop it here, too.

I just rode a long support train with Sweetwater and PreSonus on this, and I'm going to give it you in a nutshell. I have had a Quantum 2626 for a couple of months now. At least once a day, it would randomly fall into fault mode and freeze up (froze up my iMac on several occasions, too). All the front panel input LEDs would suddenly glow solid red for 5 seconds, and then the unit would be effectively dead. Only a restart would bring it back. Ultimately, the problem was determined to be the cable. I was using the StarTech 2-meter passive 20 Gbit/sec cable that Sweetwater bundled with the Quantum. On the direction of PreSonus, I swapped that cable out for an Apple 0.8-meter active 40 Gbit/sec Thunderbolt 3 cable, and all my issues vanished. The cable, as it turns out, is a critical component in the use of an interface like the Quantum 2626. Find a way to get your 2626 closer to your Mac, spend the 40 bucks, and get that cable.

It's not the cable you want, it's the cable you need.

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answered Jul 26, 2020 by aaronthomas12 (220 points)
I'm having the same issue. Its definitely not the cable. I have a thunderbolt 3 cable that was purchased through apple and I'm having this issue daily and its extremely annoying rebooting 3 times a session.
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answered Nov 9, 2020 by aligoss (200 points)
I have had mine for a couple months and as of the recent OS update i NOW have this issue too.. Just keeps dropping the connection. I have tried a different cable and it is not the issue i have a 20gb and a 40gb cable that is very short. The computer is the most powerful mini made and is new. I have reflashed the 2626 and it seemed to work for a very short bit and back to dropping. I am worried presonus will be very unresponsive if anyone has a good solution to this issue let me know. I'm gonna open a support ticket now!
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answered Mar 26, 2021 by darbyjanssen (170 points)
I'm also having this issue.  Would really not like to have to return this interface, especially considering others have had this same issue and have, apparently according to this thread, not received any responses.
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answered Apr 6, 2021 by timlovegrove (570 points)
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I have a similar issue, where my M1 Mac wakes from sleep and the 2626 doesn't properly wake with it, meaning no sound until I reboot. I'm also getting fairly frequent crashes, ungraceful reboots and suchlike. Works fine when it's working but that's hit & miss. I don't know if it's entirely the Quantum though, Chrome isn't loading images from websites and a few other weird things happening, so I wonder if it's partly a MacOS update that's caused it.