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Alternative tempo maps

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asked Nov 14, 2020 in MIDI Editing by studioj (720 points)

I'd love to see the ability to have multiple temp maps, perhaps selectable like different layers are available on tracks. I am often experimenting with different tempos and it would be a big time saver to just be able to switch between different tempo maps, each with its own set of tempo changes across the time line. This is could also be helpful when recording MIDI, ie I might have a slower tempo map set for recording difficult parts, and faster for actual intended playback. Seems like low hanging fruit and plenty of room on the Tempo global track to implement this. Thanks for reading / voting!

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answered Nov 16, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (177,030 points)
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answered Nov 16, 2020 by studioj (720 points)
I like when software applications bring parity/consistency across many facets of the app...and similarly it can be frustrating when something lacks consistency... for example in S1 - tracks have the ability for multiple layers/playlists, why not global tracks too, like tempo and markers? Making things consistent like that really adds tons of flexibility to workflow and fosters innovation for the users.