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How do I keep midi tempo constant when I adjust Studio One tempo?

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asked Jul 6 in Studio One 4 by martinhughes (120 points)
I recorded a live performance consisting of audio and midi which was played at 106bpm. Unfortunately I left Studio One tempo at its default of 120. I would now like to edit the track and it would be useful if the grid correctly indicated the bars. If I adjust Studio One tempo to 106, the audio is displayed and plays correctly. (I have timestretch disabled.) However, the midi speeds up to 120 bpm.

Is there a way adjust the tempo in studio one without altering the tempo in the midi track - I guess what I'm looking for is something like the 'Don't Follow' function in the audio tracks

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answered Aug 27 by frankbaker1 (390 points)
MIDI events are always going to be transmitted to the instrument according to the song tempo track as defined in the Studio One song file in terms of measures and beats - that is what MIDI is. If you convert your midi tracks to audio (either by rendering a plugin track or recording an audio track from an external synth) then copy the clips to an audio only track - you can deal with it as audio without sensitivity to the tempo track.