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Why are the sounds that were once under Impact now missing?

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asked Nov 20, 2020 in Studio One 4 by jacobrelph (120 points)
I have a MacBook Pro Catalina. I'm using Studio One 4 and it is completely updated. The interface is a scarlett 4i4. I have not used Studio one for several months and I usually use audio instead of the sounds found on the software, so this could have happened earlier than that. I went to mess around with that kind of stuff today, but under Impact the only sound available just says default and doesn't make any noise. I try to revisit old tracks I've put together when it worked and now all the drum beats are gone and Impact just says "sample missing" all over it.

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answered Nov 28, 2020 by wallacestclair (140 points)
I have a similar issue with the Impact app. Yet mine doesn't say "sample missing". All the monitors appear as if sound is coming through, but there is no sound. The rest of the apps are working properly
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answered Jan 5 by danielchavez9 (160 points)
I'm having a simliar issue where my song file has missing samples on start-up. I then successfully locate the files and Accept them into the song but once the project is up, my Impact and Sample One have "missing sample" under every pad that a sample was previously used on.

Sorry I can't help but I wanted to help bump this question up on the forums.
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answered Feb 6 by timcrawley (140 points)
I am going to third this, impact has completely vanished and its not in the available downloads folder...

really peaving me off.